Tuesday, December 20, 2011

There's no place like home (away from home)

We've been sprung from the hospital!  Hallelujah!  Yes indeed, when compared to the children's ward, there is no place like home, even if it's your home away from home.  We knew Mariel would turn a corner once the revolving door of invasive intrusions was removed and the comforts of home were added.  Of course, we didn't factor in that Dan and I would now become the first line RN's to be "banished" from our apartment and ordered "never to return."  We've also been told, "you're goin' down" and "that medicine is gettin' flushed."  Yes, our girl is spirited to say the least.  She doesn't seem to care one bit whether Santa thinks she's naughty or nice.  In her book, if he walked in right now, he'd be "dead meat" and "goin' down" too.

Things are moving very quickly around here.  We already had our first physical therapy session yesterday and are scheduled to head back for another today.  Mariel will have PT five days a week.  Mom and dad are required to do the exercises with her at home and on the weekends.  The PT is absolutely essential for successful lengthening.  It keeps her muscles/soft tissue and nerves limber while her bone is growing at an accelerated rate.  Let's just say that lots of little toys (aka bribes) are also essential for successful lengthening.  Our other big "deep breath, we can do this",  is caring for her pin sites and learning to adjust the fixator itself.  We are sure this will all become second nature over these next few days/weeks, but we are quickly becoming schooled in a field we'd never imagined.

We have a check up at the clinic tomorrow and will see Dr. Paley to discuss the second surgery Mariel will soon need.  We only hope that it will be scheduled while Dan is still down here with us -- let's meditate on that one, shall we?  Thanks, you guys are simply the best!  More soon.


  1. She sure looks good and that smile is amazing! We will continue to keep her in our prayers. See you soon. Maria

  2. I finally got a google account so I can post something to you guys! Mariel looks great! Little Blue and Little Red are finally adjusting. We are thinking about all you often and wishing positive thoughts down there. I am especially REALLY hoping that Dan is able to be down there for the second surgery. If he can't, you will be fine!! Remember how strong you are Mary!

    Please tell Mariel that her girlfriends across the street miss her! And of course we hope you all can enjoy the holiday with all your family!

    xoxo Amy